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There is no end to the types of emergencies where calling a residential locksmith Shelton is necessary. Make sure you have the right name to call when these situations arise. You will be happy that you have the right person working on your locks.

We also provide Automotive and Commercial locksmith services in Shelton, Connecticut.


Look for a residential locksmith Shelton who has an excellent reputation for providing quality customer service. The last thing you want to deal with when you are locked out or when you want to have new locks installed is someone inexperienced or rude. Especially in the situation of being locked out, finding a person with a little sympathy for your situation is vital. You will feel more comfortable with someone that provides you with an understanding nod.

There is more than just sympathy, though, when looking for qualities of a good residential locksmith Shelton. You want the person or company to have years of experience. It would be extremely frustrating for you and the person working on your lock to have them arrive without the proper experience or knowledge of your type of locks. Look for a company with years of experience to avoid this situation.

Another quality to look for in a residential locksmith Shelton is a willingness to share their education and credentials. A fully licensed, bonded and insured residential locksmith Shelton will have no worries sharing this information. You need to be sure you are hiring a residential locksmith Shelton who has all the proper credentials. It is important that you look for this information ahead of time, when you have the luxury. 

Again, it isn't always lockouts that force you to hire residential locksmith Shelton. You need their expertise when devising new locks for your home or business. You may also want to consider specialty garage door locks. Both of these types of home locking devices can be provided through a local lock specialist. 

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About our residential locksmith services

Have you ever returned to your home in Shelton, just to realize that you left your house keys on your desk? You walk around the house checking to see if there are any unlocked windows that you can climb into. There aren't and you wonder exactly how you are going to get inside. This is the perfect time to call a specialist to help. An easy phone call away, these professionals have been assisting people in your situation for years.

A residential locksmith Shelton can professionally assist you. They have equipment and the means to help you get into your home. More importantly, they have the means to keep your home safe you are away. There are different types of padlocks that you can have installed that these locksmiths have access to. If you’re interested in having a high security lock installed on your home calling a lock specialist is your next step.

  • File cabinet locks
  • Lock installation
  • Peephole Installation
  • Mailbox Lock Change
  • High security locks

  • Lock change

  • Lock re-key / Master re-key

  • Lock repair

  • New lock installation

  • Access control systems